This Parisian Style Bakery Is Everything We Didn't Know We Needed!

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With a Parisian inspired culture and menu at a waterfront location on the Tweed River, Baked is the new go-to place for your sweet tooth cravings and savoury classics, like this S'Mores Cookie...  

Loving this s'more than life itself

The venue features a relaxed interior design with a rustic blend of brickwork, concert and timber finishes, and quirky touches including rope swing seating!

You'll also get to watch the chef's in action through glass viewing windows in an authentic European environment.  


And if that's not already adorable enough for you, customers are invited to grab a picnic bucket from the café, which will include locally made rugs from Wandering Folk, and enjoy your baked goods in the adjoining garden for a picnic-style dining by the water, with fresh flower bunches available for purchase at the Flower & Water pop-up caravan. It's the perfect date idea, or just a place for brunch with the girls!

So let's get to the good stuff! What's on the menu?

Baked will include everything from sweet to savoury, with their House Granola (yogurt, panna cotta, poached strawberries, orange blossom, lemon curd and flowers) shown on the left below...

... Sweets like this blueberry tart, with short crust, buttermilk cremeux, fresh blueberries and thyme... 

Plus dessert pies, breads (including baguettes stuffed with bacon lardons, gruyere cheese, and creme fraiche, baked until golden with overflowing cheesy lava goodness) and more! 

Is it just me or can you already smell these delights baking away?! 


Baked is a new addition to the recently opened wedding venue Ancora, located on Wharf Street in Tweed Heads and open Wednesday to Sunday from 7am - 1.30pm.

Tag your foodie mate to start making plans to 'get Baked'! 

Ebony Reeves

6 December 2018

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Ebony Reeves

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