This Lettuce Hack Put A Woman On TikTok To Sleep So Is It Legit?!

Who would've thought

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Do you buy lettuce frequently during your grocery shop and use it for salads, sandwiches and other such meals? Well, it can actually help you sleep!

TikTok user shapla_11 has given us the ultimate lettuce recipe that will knock you out, and we need to try it ASAP.

It involves putting lettuce in a mug, pouring boiling water over it, letting it sit in the water for 10 mins and sipping away! Although, you can add a teabag of something to help the flavour.

The most unbelievable part is it WORKING! 

Watch the TikTok here: 


Next thing ya know, she's gone! So, I did some digging to find out if lettuce water can actually help you sleep. 

Unfortunately, it looks like there's no evidence lettuce water can get you to sleep, but there's no harm in trying it!

BRB gonna go boil up some lettuce.

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Amber Lowther

7 December 2021

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Amber Lowther

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