This Is One Of Sydney’s Most Haunted Cemeteries And It’s Located In The West

Sarah still haunts the area

Carly Heading

23 July 2018

Carly Heading

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Sarah’s grave is known as being one of the most haunted places in Sydney’s west and this is why.

The grave is located in Castlereagh, NSW and it has become a popular spot for fear seekers in the west.

If you’re not familiar with the story… grab a blanket and someone to cuddle because here we go.

Sarah Marshall arrived on the Convict Ship the Friendship from the United Kingdom over 190 years ago…

Sadly, she had no idea how her life in Australia would turn out.

Transported for stealing some apparel, Sarah served her sentence and she was then given back her freedom and she then began to live a normal life.

Around the time of getting out, Sarah met John Simpson.

Together they had eight children out of wedlock, which of course was frowned upon at the time.

One night, Sarah was on her way home in Castlereagh.

While she was walking she was following by a group of men. 

Sarah was brutally murdered that night and her remains were left near her home and the men instantly ran from the scene.

The urban legend says that Sarah haunts the graveyard to get revenge.

The historic cemetery used to be 46 Acres but now down to 2 Acres left with Sarah’s being among the 2.

Sarah’s grave is located towards the back of the Cemetery and in 2011 they decided to fence it off.

Visiting Sarah’s grave has become popular with locals in the area, with most of them, having their own scary stories to tell.

Some have seen a white figure drifting around the cemetery, and others have heard footsteps that aren't your own following you.

Others have told experience of their cars not turning on or off and their cars not locking once they arrived in car park.

Have you ever been to Sarah's grave?

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