This Is How We'll Get A Winner On Australian Ninja Warrior

Even if they don't finish the course.

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Channel Nine

Since it came to our screens in 2017, Australian Ninja Warrior has left the country in awe and anxiety. All those athletic people getting through those tricky challenges… one slight mistake and they could be plunging into the water beneath them. Talk about event television!


As no Australian has managed to climb the epic Mt Midoriyama tower and become the first official 'Australian Ninja Warrior’, we haven't handed over any trophies. With all those contestants training non-stop to be on the show, it kind of seems cruel to not give them a sense of closure at the end… so Channel Nine has spiced things up.


First place will officially go to the furthest-fastest contestant. They'll walk away $100,000 regardless of whether they complete the full course, including Mt Midoriyama. If we DO see someone climb to the top and make TV history, they’ll score a cool $300,000.

No matter the outcome, we’re excited to see someone enjoy the glory this year… even if we look like this most of the time!


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