This Is How The Royal Family Spends Christmas

Do they put up a tree?

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Christmas is almost here, where we get together with our loved ones and celebrate! But have you ever wondered how The Royal Family spends Christmas? Well, now you can. While the Queen has cancelled her usual Christmas for 2021, I've found out how the Queen and the rest of the family usually spend the festive season - minus a pandemic.

Where do they spend Christmas?

The Royal Family spends Christmas and New Years at Sandringham House in Norfolk, England. 

Do they put up a Christmas tree?

A bit of history for you now. Queen Charlotte (consort of George III) is said to have introduced the Christmas tree to The Royal Family. It was then picked up by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who helped spread the tradition throughout the country. These days, it's said the Queen and members of her family will put the final touches on their Christmas tree. 

Do they exchange gifts?

The Royal Family exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day. They will exchange their gifts during teatime!

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Royal Christmas traditions
  • The Queen will give Christmas presents to all members of The Royal Household
  • She also gives Christmas puddings to her staff (continuing her father and grandfather's tradition) 
  • Those who receive puddings include the Court Post Office and the Palace Police
  • The Queen will pay for around 1500 Christmas puddings
  • Every year, the Queen gives Christmas trees to Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, St. Giles' Cathedral and the Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh, as well as churches and schools in the Sandringham area.
  • The Queen and members of The Royal Family attend the morning church service on Christmas Day at St Mary Magdalene, Sandringham. This tradition dates back to the 16th century when Queen Victoria visited the church. 
Strange Rules The Royal Family ALL Follow

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Amber Lowther

22 December 2021

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Amber Lowther

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