This fish could make you $10k richer!

A golden ticket is now a tag

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Thought getting a golden ticket to the Wonka chocolate factory was a distant dream? Well, perhaps not; but with a true blue, Aussie twist.

The 2019-2020 bush fire season has been catastrophic, and has had a particularly harsh outcome for businesses that rely on tourism. In an effort to encourage tourists back to some of the bush fire ravaged regions, the Victorian Fishing and Boating team have created an incredible incentive! 

They will be tagging 1000 fish with 'golden tags' and releasing them into Victorian waters. 

The first 10 golden tagged fish caught will be worth $10,000 with the remaining 990 worth $2000 each!

Keeshia and Tim caught up with the Minister for Fishing Jaala Pulford where she dropped some NOT SO SUBTLE hints of where the fish will be released and when (spoiler alert- it's within the next month!)
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10 February 2020

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