This Desk Hammock Will Let You Nap On Your Break!

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Hate hitting that lunchtime slump at work and all you want to do is have a nap, but you can’t?

Well, if you work in an office, we have some great news… a hammock exists that will fit under your desk!

Uplift Desk have created an Under Desk Hammock that retails at $55 and comes in grey and blue.

The website description reads:

  • “Impress your coworkers and friends with this unique conversation piece, available in either gray or blue
  • “Quickly clip the hammock onto the sturdy UPLIFT V2 Frame using the included carabiners—and remove it just as quickly
  • “No need to drill any holes; just install two anchor plates on the frame using our patent-pending mounting points
  • “Use the Connect mobile app to change the height of your hammock, making it easy to get in or out when you're ready to lie down or stand back up
  • “The hammock comes with its own storage bag, which stays attached so it won't get lost. While you're kicking back under your desk, the bag doubles as a handy place to keep your phone, glasses, or bottled drink.”

The catch? It’s only compatible with their Uplift Desks (Hammock is free with purchase of a desk)…. 

SO, if you wanna spend some moolah on a fancy work desk that you can nap under when your co-workers get on your nerves, THIS is perfect!

You can find out more about the under desk hammock HERE.


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