This Cubby House Is So Amazing We Want To Live In It!


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Growing up, we all daydreamed about the epic cubby house/tree house we wanted our parents to build for us. 

For most of us, those daydreams didn’t turn into reality, but there’s one lucky family that has just built the cubby house to top all cubby houses… so get ready to be jealous…

Facebook page Spoiled Rotten Homes Inc. recently posted online, sharing the beautiful playhouse they had made for their daughters with their followers. 

The father of the kids wrote, “Here is the playhouse I built for my daughters... I would love to do it again for another family to enjoy!

“I am absolutely blown away that this has gotten so much attention!”

Chuck this beauty on your bucket list and get ready to be blown away.

Images: Flashes of Life photography.

One Facebook user commented, Um. Playhouse? I'd pay rent!” and we totally agree!

I want one of these for myself… 

Have you built a cubby house for your kids? Show us your pics in the Facebook comments!


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