This Brand Has Launched An 'Easy Dressing' Range For Kids Who May Need Extra Help

Concealed pockets for feeding tubes!

23 January 2019

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Marks and Spencer AU has launched a special range of clothes to cater for children who may need easy access designs.

The announcement was made this week on Instagram, with inclusions of items such as all-in-ones that allow for a cast (for hip dysplasia) and tees and dresses with discreet pockets for feeding tubes.

There are also items made from special material for those that have very sensitive skin, with the focus of the range being to keep it quick and comfortable for the kids to get dressed.

And the best part is that the items aren't too expensive, with clothes ranging from $11 packs of tops to roughly $50 for some of the coats and $26 for jeans.

These pull on jeans are a must-have for any wardrobe. Designed for our Easy Dressing range, these kids’ jeans feature a long rise for extra room whilst wearing nappies and a comfortable fit and a hidden care label makes sure there’s no irritation. Perfect for pairing with t-shirts and jumpers alike, they make a wonderful staple for all seasons.

- Description for a pair of 'easy dressing jeans'

The clothes also appear to span a range of sizing needs, with items available for three to 16 year-olds.

Part of our Easy Dressing range, this children’s dress has been made extra comfortable by using a hidden care label and has a discreet opening for a feeding tube.

- Label on an M&S item

You can check out the 'easy dressing' range online here

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