This App Takes Your Spare Change And Donates It To Charity

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Donating to charity is something a lot of us do, but it's also something a lot of us think of doing but never get around to it.

Enter the app My Charity Change.

This app will take you spare change from purchases you make and automatically donate it to a charity of your choice. So for example, if you make a purchase for $19.98, you can set it so the app rounds up the amount to $20 and the money will go to charity.

All you have to do is download the app, select the charity you want to donate to, fill in your bank details and you'll automatically start making a difference.

Director and creator of the app Ben Doolan found himself with some spare time on his hands and a desire to a) jump into a creative project and b) make donating to charity easier after years of working with Vinnies and The Starlight Foundation.

Ben explained that the app uses 'round up' technology that identifies when you're making a purchase that is a few cents short of a round figure and can donate that on your behalf. The super secure app donates all the money to charity, with over 40 companies on board from LGBTQIA+ causes to Diabetes and rural aid. The best part is there are no contracts, no lock-ins and you can stop at any time.

We love the idea of getting this for Christmas, it does all the work and we're all doing our part in supporting the charities that need it with the reassurance all of the money goes to them!

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18 December 2020

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