Third Bin Considered for Esperance

Aiming for 2020-21

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The Esperance Shire Council is set to decide whether or not to introduce a third kerbside bin for organic waste by 2020-21 in a bid to divert more waste from landfill.

The introduction of an organics recycling program has been recommended in the Shire's Strategic Waste Management Options Report, created in 2013, with targets to increase the diversion of waste from 19 per cent to 50 per cent by 2025.

Esperance Shire officers anticipate the start-up cost of the plan could reach up to $1.5million, almost three times the amount allocated for the project in the Long Term Financial Plan.

The report gave the council a number of options regarding the collection method, frequency of collection and bin volume and size.

As it stands, the report is set to reach the council on Tuesday, May 21st for consideration before a final decision is made at the council meeting on Tuesday, May 28th. 

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24 May 2019

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