They're Going To Pay You To Move To Italy

Serious possibility

9 May 2017

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A tiny Italian village is so concerned with the thought of becoming a ghost town, that its mayor has come up with a novel way to entice more people to come to live in the village.

Well, they're actually considering offering €2,000 reasons to anyone who will move there.

The village, Bormida, is in the northern mountainous region of Italy near Genoa, and has a population of just 394 people.


The mayor of the village, Daniele Galliano, posted to Facebook to suggest that it could become a very real possibility to offer up the cash incentive.

He also indicated that prospective residents would pay as little as €50 a month in rent.

That's around $75AUD.

That said, Galliano did post this as a follow up.


Seeing we can't speak Italian to save ourselves, old mate Google Translate came to the rescue, and this was the translation.

To avoid misunderstanding I wanted to clarify that the call for rent of communal housing to €.50 will be ready in about two months and with regard to the bonus you have to read the articles carefully and do not dwell on the title of the newspapers to understand that this idea I still have to propose it to the junta and board with all the necessary procedure before making it executable.

- Daniele Galliano on Facebook

We think that means that it's all just a proposal at this time, and that things have to be ratified before people start packing their bags.

Either way, if you're looking for a sea change, this could be a go.

Written by: @dantheinternut

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