These Half Christmas Trees Will Stop Your Bub & Pets Destroying Everything


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If you’ve got animals, or even a new baby that LOVES to crawl around and get his/her hands on anything they can find, then you KNOW the struggle of keeping your Christmas tree looking spick and span. 

Thankfully, this Christmas has delivered your saviour: a 6-foot half Christmas tree that is basically impossible for your doggo, kittens, and little monsters to wreak havoc upon. 

Not only does it keep your tree looking perfect, but it keeps your bub and pets away from potentially harmful items! It’s a win-win.

The half Christmas tree is available to purchase online for around $50 and its sturdy base will stop your cat from toppling it over when it, without a doubt, launches full speed at it at 2am in the morning. 

You’ll be able to pile your presents up extra-high, thanks to all the extra room underneath the tree, and the thick and full branches are perfect to hang all your decorations from. 

Here’s some extra deets, so you’re in the know:


  • 6ft Christmas tree.
  • Bottom branch diameter 73 inches.
  • Boxed size H78, W22, D25cm.
  • Weighs 5kg.
  • Hinged branches.
  • 302 tips.

General information

  • Made from PVC.
  • Self-assembly.
  • Suitable for indoor use.
  • Fire retardant.
  • Stand Included.
  • Metal stand.
  • Stand width 58cm.

Sound perfect for your household? Check it out HERE.


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Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

5 December 2019

Article by:

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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