These Dating Trends Are About To Be Big in 2021 So You Can Thank This Sh*storm Of A Year For That

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This year has thrown us some monumental curveballs in all aspects of our life, and things may never be the same. One thing's for sure, dating has changed, possibly forever.

While online dating isn't a new thing, almost everything went virtual this year, seeing more people trade in a dinner date, for a zoom date, and OkCupid has conducted a survey to give us a snapshot of the future of dating, which had introduced us to new dating terms (because we currently don't have enough of those) which will be prominent in 2021.


Yes, this dating trend is named after teenage climate change activist, Greta Thunberg, and although it's not new, it's becoming more prominent in dating. According to the dating platform, this is when two single people bond over their passion for environmental change.

Over the past two years, OkCupid has seen a massive 240% increase in mentions of climate change on dating profiles, and last year there was an 800% increase in mentions of Greta Thunberg.


This year, more than 340,000 singles have referred to themselves as 'activists'. Women lead this study with 48% of Gen Z women and 41% of millennial women considering themselves activists. However, this advo-dating trend is set to increase in 2021, with singles searching for other activists to start a connection with.


The pandemic accelerated relationships, and it looks like it's a trend that's here to stay, as it's predicted that moving in with your significant other will be a milestone that comes sooner for couples in 2021. 


Before 2020, there was always a rush to meet someone in real life, and make that connection or find out you don't have a connection, fast. That rush to make a physical connection changed this year, and it's predicted that dating in 2021 will consist of deeper conversations over a longer period of time, and daters will value the emotional side more than the physical.

These dating terms and trends seem a lot more productive than ones that have been introduced in the past *cough* ghosting *cough*, but it doesn't stop there, OkCupid's study has also predicted what dates will look like, and where we will find connections in 2021.


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11 November 2020

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