These Are Officially The Most Googled Celeb Homes!

Did any of these surprise you?

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New research has revealed the most Google celeb homes in the world - from Elon Musk to Harry Styles, this is something we HAVE to see.

Home insurance company found the celebrity houses that we're all most curious to look at, and you know what? Some were surprising!

Check out the Top 20 most Googled celebrity homes and how many searches they received in the past 12 months here:

Elon Musk - 1,321,500 
Drake - 1,002,500
Kim Kardashian - 842,500
Kylie Jenner - 678,000
Messi - 458,500
Will Smith - 397,700
Justin Bieber - 385,900
Kendall Jenner - 382,400
Ariana Grande - 360,800
Tom Brady - 284,100
Jeffree Star - 264,700
Eminem - 246,700
Billie Eilish - 231,400
Kanye West - 214,100
JoJo Siwa - 213,300
Cristiano Ronaldo - 210,800
Taylor Swift - 199,600
Travis Scott - 192,900
Harry Styles - 178,800
Khloe Kardashian - 178,400

American entrepreneur Elon Musk’s home is the most Googled, with over 1.3 million searches in the last 12 months globally. With a reported wealth of $185 billion, it’s recently been said that he actually lives in a small, rented home worth $50,000 nearby to his company SpaceX’s headquarters!

Drake has the second most Googled celebrity house in the world with over a million searches annually! Next is Kim Kardashian’s home, which has been Googled over 800,000 times a year around the world, and is famous for its extremely minimal design and all-white everything. 

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Amber Lowther

14 April 2022

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Amber Lowther

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