There's A Vegan Ice Cream Van Serving Creamy Goodness All Over Sydney!

Wait for the jingle!

19 October 2018

Article heading image for There's A Vegan Ice Cream Van Serving Creamy Goodness All Over Sydney!

The sound of our childhood is the jingle of the ice cream truck as it slowly crawls down the street, reminding you that there are delicious treats waiting for you to take home.

It's an iconic sound, but unfortunately, our vegan friends out there aren't able to indulge in the tradition of trying to hail down the local ice cream van.

Actually, they can, they just can't eat the ice cream that's been taken home.

So, that's where Whip Van Sprinkle has come in, to give the vegans of Sydney the old-school ice cream tradition that they deserve!

The van has already started to appear across Sydney, service Coco Whip (coconut ice cream) creations to those looking for a treat this summer.

There are plenty of Coco Whip creations to choose from when you find Whip Van Sprinkle like the Bananarama which features vegan banana bread pieces, salted caramel sauce and fresh banana, and the the Original Breakkie Bowl which has fresh fruit and muesli, their version of the Ferrero and is topped with a nutty raw slice and chocolate sauce.

You can also customise your own dessert if none of their own creations tickle your fancy.

Whip Van Sprinkle also serves up some smooth coffee, so if you don't need dessert, but you do need a caffeine hit, they've got you covered.

The van is travelling all over Sydney as we speak, so head to their Facebook page to track them down and grab a sweet treat!

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