The Weeknd Gets A Freaky Facelift For New Video

This cannot be real, can it?

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If you were wondering why we say singer The Weeknd with bandages on his face at the recent Billboard Music Awards, his latest clip has answered that question.

The singer has appeared to have had a hectic facelift in his new video for his song 'No More Tears'...


We're really hoping that it's prosthetics!

Aside from his freaky face, the remainder of the video seems to be a dig at The Grammy's and his reference to them being corrupt after the nominations were announced late in 2020... and he didn't get a single one, despite having some of the biggest songs of the year and cleaning up at the Billboard Music Awards.

Either way, we're happy he's sticking to what he loves and that's making great music!

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6 January 2021

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