The Very Felt Absence Of Dark Mofo In Hobart

Winter just isn't the same.

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The month of June is usually one that a lot of Hobartians look forward to. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we have had to miss out on the beloved festivities that Dark Mofo brings to our state.

Over the past seven years Hobart locals have welcomed people from far and wide into our state in June for David Walsh’s controversial mid-winter festival. Dark Mofo is the celebration of our long winter nights and show cases music events, food, and art installations that both locals and non-locals can embrace. There is a sense of community pride that goes along with it, which we love too.  

This year, with the passing of the winter solstice, we saw no naked swims taking part on the shores of Hobart, but instead a drizzly raining morning with grey clouds and some brave souls taking a dip – this time with swimmers on.

I wonder if anyone else has started taking a daily account of the weather, as we sit inside working from home? I have found myself thinking about the fun times of previous Dark Mofo days. They allowed us to get distracted from the cold and replace it with excitement as we participated in all the crazy and wacky events over the course of the festival. I hardly remember the cold rainy days when the excitement of red lights and spooky music would lure me in.

Though we lost the festival, this year  we were treated to something a little different. Like most businesses, MONA was able to adapt to the “new world” by offering a Dark Mofo care package filled with delicious food, while encouraging us to brave the winter weather with a bonfire and multiple layers. A clever way to say that Dark Mofo is still here and hang in there for next year which will no doubt be their best yet!  

Bonnie Ferguson

23 June 2020

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Bonnie Ferguson

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