The Thing You Need To Know Before You Watch Thor Love And Thunder

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The latest (and possibly the last) instalment of Thor has dropped in cinemas like the bifrost after a battle on another world.

If you're planning on seeing the Thor: Love and Thunder, there is a little tidbit of information from Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi that you should know before you do.

While attending the premiere of the film in Sydney, Taika and Chris revealed that not only were both of their kids (they have 5 between them) were in the movie, but they also had a hand in its design.

The pair revealed to the audience "...should we tell them? Ok, people don't know this, but we'll tell you. Our kids are not just in the movie... there are a lot of creepy monsters and stuff and our kids actually designed them all..."

So needless to say when you see the monsters in the films, they are truly frightening!

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Thor: Love And Thunder is a delightfully silly take on the characters latest journey and if you loved Thor Ragnorok, then dial it up by about 10 and you'll get Love and Thunder.

Taika and Chris talked about dropping Thor into a love story and this one not only gives us a rainbow ride to a beautiful tale, but plenty of lols along the way.


Thor: Love and Thunder is in cinemas now!

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6 July 2022

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