The Sweetest Gesture Made By This 90-year-old Sydneysider

What a cutie!

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Macarthur Square

Have you ever gone to pay for your morning coffee and found someone had already bought it for you?

Yeah me neither.

But a 90-year-old man has just been dubbed as a “blessing to the community” as he continues a very generous tradition of shouting customers at his local café.

Harry L Brierley, also known as Tiny, is well known for residence in the Campbelltown community and has made his debut by “paying forward” customers' coffees at Macarthur Square’s Leaf Cafe & Co.

Harry’s act of kindness was inspired several years ago after he took his wife out for dinner at the Appin Hotel only to find that the customer before him paid $20 towards their meal.

Since then, Harry and his wife have continued the kind gesture of paying forward the next customer's coffee at Leaf Café.

Sadly, Harry’s wife has since passed away but nearly every morning, Harry continues the tradition by himself at the local coffee shop.

And they say chivalry is dead! What a sweetheart.

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