The RSPCA Is Now Letting You Adopt An Animal From Home!

You can still rescue a furry baby!

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As of today, all RSPCA NSW shelters and care centres will be closed to public walk-ins, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t rescue an animal!

The organisation has today launched their new Adopt from Home process which will see the entire adoption process occur via phone or video call, with the animals being transported to their new forever homes by RSPCA staff.

“We have seen so many animals go into their forever homes, and we hope they’re bringing you some much needed love, warmth and company,” says RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman.

“We are adapting to the changes as best we can to give our animals an opportunity to find loving homes, and to ensure our doors are still open for animals in need.”

"If you’re interested in adopting a specific animal from RSPCA NSW, we encourage members of the public to fill out an adoption appointment request online and wait for our team to get in touch. The adoption process will then be conducted over the phone. Please do not go to our shelters," they explained on Instagram. 

Although the process will now take place over the phone/video call, normal adoption procedures will still apply, as well as compulsory purchase requirements such as a carry box and/or lead and car harness, to ensure your new fury baby gets home safe!

You can find out more information here!

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Hit News Team

2 April 2020

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Hit News Team

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