The Recycling Mistakes You're Probably Making

Simple fixes!

20 July 2018

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As recycling standards become stricter due to changing standards set by China about categories of recycling it will accept, it's important to make sure that you take an extra minute or two to ensure that your waste will be recycled.

It's helpful to flatten all cardboard boxes - not just to save bin space, but to also make it easier on the sorting centres.

Aerosol cans cannot be recycled, despite what their packaging may say, and anything smaller than your hand shouldn't be recycled as it may slip through into the waste sections.

Any cans or food packaging should be clean and dry as anything that could go off shouldn't be put in recycling.

Also, it's best to put your recycling straight into the bin rather than have it in plastic bags. 

Be mindful that thin plastics, such as that on toilet roll packaging, may not be appropriate for the yellow bin.

If in doubt, check with your local council.

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