The Perth Mint Is Releasing A Series Of ‘Simpsons’ Themed Coins!

Think of all the peanuts you could buy!

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The folks running The Perth Mint Australia have really outdone themselves this time because it’s just been announced a series of special edition Simpsons collectible coins are on the way!

Simpsons fans can expect to see eight coins in total, all depicting an “iconic character or motif from the ever-popular primetime television series.”

“The Simpsons series consists of eight 1oz coins and a 2oz coin superbly struck from 99.99% pure silver,” the Perth Mint explained in a statement. 

“The first three coins in this exclusive offering, which includes a rare investment coin, was unveiled at the prestigious 47th World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany to a global audience of minting organisations, coin distributors, collectors and gift buyers.

“The sole bullion coin showcases the word “D’OH!” above Homer Simpson in his iconic catchphrase pose. A half-eaten glazed donut with sprinkles, Homer’s favourite treat, replaces the letter O in D’OH.”

Check it out:


“Completing the series in the coming months, the remaining coins will feature Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and a Duff Beer can.”

This could be you:


So where can we get these sweet, sweet coins?

- You can either head over to the actual Mint at 310 Hay Street in East Perth

- Online at

- Telephoning: 1800 098 817 (Australia) or +61 8 9421 7218 (international)

- Visit an Australia Post outlet

Unfortunately, the coins will cost you a hefty dollerydoo, with the first three already valued from $59.00 - $230 each. 

You can find out more here! 

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