The Perfect Time And Length For A Nap Has Been Revealed


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You might already consider yourself to be an expert on a topic close to our hearts: naps.

However, you may have also experienced the extreme exhaustion and dry mouth feeling that come from napping for too long.

Well the experts agree that there is an optimum length for the perfect refreshing nap. Just twenty to thirty minutes of napping is all you need.

According to Aneesa Das, MD, a sleep medicine specialist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, “Your nap should be 20-30 minutes. That way, you’ll be re-energized without affecting your nighttime sleep.”

Don’t nap for too long, because you’ll drift into a deeper sleep and might feel worse. 

“You know how sometimes you’ll wake up from a nap feeling groggier than when you first laid down?” Das says. “That’s because you entered a deeper, slow-wave sleep and then were jolted out of it too early.”

You also shouldn’t have a nap too late in the day. Midday to mid afternoon is best. You don’t want to nap too late or you won’t be able to sleep that night! 

“The body’s preference is to nap around 2-4 pm. That’s why most Spanish siestas take place at this time.” 

A twenty minute afternoon nap sounds good to us!

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31 January 2020

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