The NBN Has Blamed Netflix For Their Slow Internet Speeds

Do you think it’s a fair excuse?

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Many Australians are frustrated over the NBN failing to exceed expectations when it comes to internet speeds. Last year, NBN’s former CEO Bill Morrow revealed the company had dropped their plans to speed up the system over costs.

And the reason it has been shelved? The so called ‘Netflix-effect’.

NBN head of stakeholder relations Sam Dimarco told ABC, “What we saw in 2015 was the introduction of Netflix within Australia and that was a catalyst for change.

“On all of our networks, included fixed wireless, we saw usage behaviour and consumption accelerate, which put pressure on the network in terms of how it was designed originally.” 

Emeritus Professor Rod Tucker has pushed back on NBN’s excuse, saying that the rise of streaming was predicted many years ago.

"The NBN was supposed to provide the infrastructure that would enable the growth of video streaming and other new online applications.


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12 July 2019

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