The Masked Singer’s Prawn Celebrity Was Revealed Last Night

Did you pick it?

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Warning: this blog contains spoilers from last night’s episode.

The Masked Singer has become a staple topic for our office to discuss first thing in the morning as we put on our little detective hats to try work out which celebrities are behind the masks.

Last night, the fifth singer, the Prawn, was unmasked and… drum roll please…


It was Darren McMullen!!!

After telling us he was not Australian and not a professional singer, the Prawn was proving to be a tough one for viewers to work out.

However, the final video clue gave it away when John Farnham’s album was held up, making us think of ‘You’re The Voice’ … and McMullen was of course, the host of The Voice!

Did you pick Darren? 

Who did you think the Prawn was? Let us know all your other predictions in our Facebook comments!

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