The Hunter Records The Regions Highest Day of Infections

93 new cases

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The Hunter New England region recorded its highest day of Covid cases, with 93 cases reported on Wednesday.

Newcastle recorded the highest number of cases with 27, which was just in front of Lake Macquarie with 27 cases, 16 in Cessnock and 14 in the Maitland area.

The Hunter records the regions highest day of infections

54 of the total cases were in the community while infectious, and 14 are still under investigation.

This is the first time the region has had the highest number of Covid in NSW only behind South Western Sydney and Western Sydney.

Local GP’s are encouraging residents to get vaccinated and to speak to a health professional if they are still hesitant to get the AstraZeneca jab.

To find out more about your vaccine eligibility or to book your vaccination appointment visit the NSW Health website.

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6 October 2021

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