The Hottest Items Under $500 You Should Blow Your Tax Return On This Year

How did we ever live without these?

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It's the most wonderful time of the year.

It doesn't involve sitting on Santa's knee or kissing under the mistletoe at Christmas or gorging yourself on creamy chocolate filled eggs at Easter - it's tax time. And most of us (if not already) are about to get a very welcomed little present in our bank accounts.

But what to spend your tax return on you ask?

We've teamed up with our friends at Harvey Norman who have the hottest ticket items in town all under $500 - perfect to blow that extra cash on this financial year. 

Here's our top three picks: 

An Apple Ipad 

Welcome to the 21st Century this financial year. Photo credit: Unsplash

You see most of the country using one on the train, at work or out at coffee shops - and there's a reason why. There's nothing quite like an Apple Ipad and if you haven't jumped on the tabloid train, it's about time you stepped into the 21st century. For just $457 you could have one in your hot little hands before the month is out with added perks like the A10 Fusion chip, 9.7-inch Multi-Touch Retina display and a bunch of other techy stuff bound to get your tax tongue wagging. Gets yours at Harvey Norman today. 

What to ask for in store: The Apple iPad Wi-Fi 32GB in Space Grey

Price: $457

A GoPro

Become a professional photographer for just $347. Photo credit: Unsplash

When you look at life through the lens of a GoPro it gives the world a whole new meaning. Action shots and adventure pictures that go viral across the internet every day are all thanks to this tiny, but powerful camera. The GoPro Action Video Camera is a travellers best and most reliable companion. With 4K video, voice control, touch display and a waterproof design, your friends and family will be convinced you've gone pro with these stunning photos and videos that only take a click of a button (but they don't need to know that). Available now at Harvey Norman. 

What to ask for in store: The Gopro Hero5 Action Video Camera

Price: $347

A JBL Bluetooth Speaker

This device is literally music to our ears. Photo credit: Unsplash

Take it camping, beaching, hell, take it with you while you shower - this JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker is about to become part of the family. And the fact that it's only $338 is quite literally music to our ears. Connect your smartphone to the device and you'll be jamming along to high quality tunes with you wherever you go. Trust us, you'll never understand why you lived without one for so long. Check them out at Harvey Norman. 

What to ask for in store: JBL Xtreme 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

Price: $338

Already got all three? Lucky you. Don't worry there's plenty more tax-return friendly items worthy of your cold hard cash.

Explore all the hottest items at Harvey Norman online or visit in store at Harvey Norman Computers Bunbury & Busselton. 

But before you shop, see some of them in action here: 

In association with Harvey Norman

14 August 2018

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In association with Harvey Norman

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