The Dawson's Creek Theme Song Was Originally a Completely Different Song

I don't wanna wait

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The theme song for Dawson's Creek was only chosen because the original song choice was knocked back by the artist.

The Dawson's Creek theme song is almost as iconic as the show itself. You knew when you heard Paula Cole singing the words 'I don't want to wait', you were going to enthralled in the drama and romance of a group of high school friends.

Let's indulge for a moment:

Absolute chills!

The song perfectly encapsulates the show, the characters, and their storylines throughout the five seasons it ran for, however 'I Don't Want To Wait' by Paula Cole, wasn't the original choice for the theme song.

Producers of Dawson's Creek had Alanis Morisette's 'Hand In My Pocket' picked as the theme song for the tv series, it was added to the title sequence in the pilot episode.

The producers behind the show and the network loved Morisette's song for Dawson's Creek, but Morisette was the one who knocked back their offer to have her song as the opening for the show.

Paula Cole's 'I don't Want To Wait' was only chosen because it had already cleared by the network, and there wouldn't be any hoops to jump through to assign it to the tv show.

One song sings of taking opportunities in your life before they're gone, and the other is an almost angsty take on rolling with the punches life throws at you, the two are very different in nature.

I guess we can thank Alanis Morisette for knocking back the offer because we couldn't imagine Dawson's Creek any other way.

Here's what you might not know about your favourite tv theme songs:

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8 September 2020

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