The Cure To Sonia Kruger's Stage Fright? Keith Urban

"... So jealous of Nicole Kidman!"

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It’s something we all assumed, but Sonia Kruger has confirmed Keith Urban is a certified legend.

Talking to Who Magazine, Kruger, who’s built something of a reputation for hosting Aussie reality shows, revealed she still gets stage-fright.

Sonia recalled an occasion where she froze while hosting The Voice, her self-awareness amplifying the dread of the moment.

“I remember standing on stage one night and even though I’ve presented a lot of shows over the years, I still get nervous at times... Keith just looked at me and said, ‘You got this, Sonia.’ And at that moment, I was just so jealous of Nicole Kidman!” she revealed.

After a wildly successful debut season on Channel 7, The Voice is set to wrap up on Sunday night, with Bella Taylor Smith representing Team Guy, Arlo Sim representing Team Keith, G-Nat!on representing Team Ora and Mick Harrington representing Team Jess.

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Nick Barrett

9 September 2021

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Nick Barrett

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