'The Boys' Are Back... And Homelander's Scarier Than Ever!

Jensen Ackles debuts as Soldier Boy

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If you thought Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was the darkest superhero content out there, you’re going to want to sit down for this.

Amazon Prime have just released the first official trailer for the hotly anticipated third season of The Boys and we have to say... it's more than a little unsettling! 

Now, if you haven’t been acquainted with The Boys, it is bleak.

Like, exceedingly bleak.

BUT! It’s just as captivating as it is depraved.

Find out about Big Brother evictee Joel's awkward run in with Aleisha:

The show follows a rag-tag team of (seemingly) ordinary people as they attempt to expose the world’s most famous team of superheroes, The Seven.

Led by the psychotic Homelander (who’s essentially an evil Superman), The Seven are a group of 'supes' who have been corrupted by power, using their abilities to earn the show its hard R rating.

It’s kind of how we'd expect things to go if superheroes existed in our world!

The trailer for the third season introduces Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) as Soldier Boy; a cowardly (yet willing) fanboy who will do anything it takes to join The Seven.

Watch the trailer:

Karl Urban and Jack Quaid return as Billy Butcher and Hughie, who will undoubtedly face their biggest challenges yet, with Homelander apparently becoming increasingly unhinged.

The Boys Season 3 will be streaming on Prime Video from June 3rd.

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Nick Barrett

25 May 2022

Article by:

Nick Barrett

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