Tanya From 'The Block' Makes Her Debut In Another Aussie Reality Series

Could she be here to stay?!

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Avid watchers of Australian reality TV were in for a bit of a surprise last week, with a bit of a crossover happening between two of this year's most dramatic shows!

You didn’t need to be an eagle-eyed viewer to notice a controversial purple-haired personality appearing on The Real Housewives of Melbourne last week.

Stepping out of the work site and into the housewife life, Tanya from The Block made a surprise appearance at Cherry’s 40th birthday party.

But why?

It turns out the Blockhead (Formerly Known As The Heart Of This Year’s Photo Scandal) is actually one of Cherry’s make-up artists!

Find out what Scott Cam had to tell us about that cheating scandal:

Tanya had actually spoken about her work on RHOM before, telling 9Entertainment she was contributing to the show "as a makeup artist, right — not as a housewife."

Addressing whether she'd consider becoming a series regular, Tanya said she's "definitely not ready for [being a housewife] yet, although, there were moments definitely where I felt it could be very similar [to being on The Block]."

After orchestrating what has been called 'the biggest cheating scandal in the history of Australian TV', Tanya may just be the most polarising personality to appear on RHOM to-date.

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Nick Barrett

5 December 2021

Article by:

Nick Barrett

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