The Bitumen Bandits are back in the Far North...

Be vigilant.

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Police are urging residents of Far North Queensland to be vigilant of people approaching them, offering to do bitumen work at unrealistic prices.

The alleged tradespersons approach potential victims with a varied sales pitch where they claim to have bitumen left over from a project up the road earlier in the day, and would sell the bitumen and labour for a cheaper price.

The alleged persons use the line of offering the cheap price “for today only”.

They typically go to people with acreage who have long driveways up to the house or to small businesses with car parking areas.

A number of residents across Queensland have reported that after agreeing to do the job, they either receive substandard work where the materials used are of very low quality, or contact is unable to be made with the alleged contractor after a deposit has been paid.

They are usually very persistent and have been known to use standover tactics or even offer to drive potential victims to the back to collect a deposit.

Any residents approached by people selling bitumen for driveways should make inquiries into the seller to ensure they are legitimate.

Suspicious activities should be reported to police or the Office of Fair Trading on 13 74 68.

16 May 2019

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