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The Beth Sesh – Life Without a Phone is Surprisingly a BLISS

Happy 2020! I hope that you had an amazing New Year! I certainly did… It seems I had so much fun at Falls Festival that in the moment I misplaced my phone, leaving me off-grid for the proceeding two weeks! That’s right, if you’ve wondered why my Instagram (@bethanylarsen_) has been lacking lately… that’s because I am currently sans digital device. There were tears and there have been some painful moments since this drunken moment, but surprisingly, there have also been some major perks of this ‘forced phone break’. After the initial grief kicked in, I began to realise the benefits of living in the real world as I was taken back to reality. Here are some of the perks.

  • No makeup. Don’t get me wrong I love posting on Instagram every day, but it does make me think twice about the way I look. For my last three days of holidays with no phone, I went to the beach every day, dunked my hair in the water and enjoyed free-spirit-living.
  • Better sleep. Turns out those scientists who continue to tell us to keep our mobiles out of the bedroom are right. I have found it much easier to sleep each night without having to worry about if I have responded to everyone’s DMs and texts.
  • More people watching. One of my greatest past-times, so under-rated.
  • More reading. What else are you meant to do on a 2-hour flight with no phone?!
  • Less anxious. I have still been communicating with the world via Facebook but when I leave the computer the communication stops and those who I am speaking with can’t reach me till the next time I open it up.
  • Making real-life friends. I was sitting in the doctor’s room the other day with no phone and actually struck up a conversation with a stranger, how remarkable and un-heard of in 2020.
  • Enjoying the scenery. Amazing what you see when you look outside the window and not down at a screen.
  • People can’t call and annoy me.
  • Work can’t call and annoy me. Want me to come in early? Good luck contacting me.
  • My parents can’t call and annoy me!!!! I have received three emails from my mum in the last week asking me to ‘call her ASAP’ to which I replied… ‘Sorry, I’m a bit busy at work right now, I’ll call you when I can 😉’. I might just tell my parents that I have given up my mobile phone permanently because I am thoroughly enjoying the absence of nagging in my life.

In saying this, Falls Festival found my phone, it is in the mail and I am well and truly looking forward to having it back :P I promise to make up for it with double the amount of Instagram content over the next month.

Beth x

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13 January 2020

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