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Christmas Party Survival Kit

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Christmas is almost here and naturally workplaces across Canberra and surrounding areas are planning their annual Christmas parties, which, can go amazingly right, or incredible wrong.

Luckily for you, I am the queen of great times, pushing the boundaries but not doing too much damage.

That’s right, the goal is to minimise the damage, but maximise bonding, and live our best lives at the same time. It’s the silly season after all, everyone should be jolly and forget about their problems till next year. (#drink responsibly please!!!)

Remember it’s all in the preparation. So, read carefully and learn from my mistakes.


  • Delete Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat prior to the event. I once uploaded a video at 4am in the back of a cab onto the hit 104.7 Snapchat account (thought I was on my personal one). This did not go down well with management.
  • Stock up on after-care products: Powerade, Panadol, water & makeup wipes by the bed.
  • Get the next day off work. Did you hear our weekend brekky show last Saturday?! HA HA. That was a risky move from me.
  • Have an escape plan. Set a time that you want to leave and organise your transport home prior to the event. Shoutout to mornings announcer Gem who physically dragged me out of the hit 104.7 Christmas party and is most likely responsible for me still having a job today.
  • Remember the photobooth records everything. I received a scary email containing a folder which I am refusing to open earlier this week.
  • Steal someone’s costume. Great way to disguise yourself as things start to loosen up.
  • Have appropriate snacks ready at home. Last weekend I came home and ate a whole block of cheese and my housemate’s chips. #sorrrrrry



  • Pre- drink too hard!! This is the biggest thing to remember.
  • Hook up with a co-worker!!! Seriously, just don’t. And if you do make sure it’s someone you actually like and could see something happening with because if it goes wrong you can look forward to awkward kitchen chats for the next three years!
  • Ask the boss for a pay rise.
  • Bring your awkward partner who you have to babysit all night. Leave them at home.
  • Get naked. Ha ha ha. We’ve all seen it happen. I will say no more.
  • Party at Mooseheads till 7am afterwards and be L.O.G. (last on ground). If you must after party, give yourself a cut-off. Get out of there by 2am.
  • Do anything FIRST. Shoes off? Dancefloor? Shots?! Great. Let someone else be the guinea pig. Then, go for gold.


With these tips you should be able to have a blast, get to really know your co-workers but still have a job come 2020.

Best of luck & hit me up on insta if you have any questions.

     - Beth x

15 December 2019

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