The Best Ways To Actually Get Some Sleep On A Plane


13 December 2018

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There are some people who have the ability to fall asleep as soon as they sit down in an aeroplane seat.

But there are others who find sleeping on a plane to be completely impossible, which means they arrive at their destination feeling like a total zombie.

If you can’t afford to splash out on a business or first class seat and you’re not lucky enough to score a full row to yourself then these tips might help you get a few hours sleep.

Be Careful What You Drink

Avoid caffeinated drinks after you get on the plane. Stick to water, and keep the alcohol to a minimum. Save the coffee for your arrival to help fight jet lag.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

This is not the time for tight jeans or uncomfortable shoes. Comfortable clothes like trackies or leggings are the best choice, and a pair of slip on shoes will give you the flexibility to take off your shoes if you prefer. 

Sit Against The Window

Choosing a window seat gives you two advantages. You’ll be able to lean against the wall of the plane, which will help to support your head and make it easier to sleep, plus you won’t have to get up to let anyone else out to use the bathroom.  However if you’re the type of person who needs to get up every half hour to use the toilet then this might not be the best seat for you!

Try Noise Cancelling Headphones And An Eye Mask

Are distractions the issue for you? Invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones and an eye mask to help block out everything around you and get in the zone for sleep. If you don’t have an eye mask you can usually ask a flight attendant for one – depending on the airline it will be free or might have a small cost.  

Be Polite About Reclining But Do It If You Need To

People have been debating whether or not it’s okay to recline your aeroplane seat for years. But on a long haul flight there’s absolutely no reason not to recline, and it will give you a little more space to spread out. Just don’t do it during meals, and give the person behind you a nod and a smile when you first recline.

Lean Forward

Some people find it easier to sleep if they lean forward onto the seat in front of them or even bend over and rest their head on the tray table. A small pillow will help make this more comfortable.

Use A Neck Pillow

Sometimes you start drifting off to sleep on the plane and then are jolted awake by your head dropping forward. A neck pillow offers some extra support and gives you something to rest your head against. Look for one with decent support that will also allow your head to drop forward.

Invest In Something More Unusual 

There are a lot of interesting products on the market that you may want to test out if you find sleeping on planes completely impossible. The SeatSnoozer is basically a harness and neck pillow that prevents your head from bobbing forward. The 1st Class Sleeper adds extra support to your back and neck which might make it easier to drift off.

See Your Doctor

If sleeping on planes and jet lag are both a huge issue for you, speak to your doctor about further options in regards to sleeping aids. 

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