The B105 Vote Compass!

Are you an Albanese or a Morrison?

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We've made our very own B105 Voting Compass - hear it here!

Want to find your own results?

Answer the following questions, answering either A or B (and tally how many of each):

Q1. Do you prefer (A) the hustle and bustle of the inner city or would you rather (B) a more laidback, suburban vibe near the water?
Q2. For dessert, do you opt for a (A) Streets Vanetta Ice Cream cake or a (B) chocolate sundae from Maccas?
Q3. If you had to support an NRL Team, would you rather go for the (A) Rabbitohs or (B) Sharks
Q4. On a Sunday afternoon would you rather listen to (A) a 59-year-old play house music on the DJ Decks or (B) a 53-year-old play the Ukulele whilst on the margs?
Q5. In a friend do you look for someone who is (A) sensitive & gracious or (B) ambitious, but can be prone to angry outbursts
Q6. What sounds like a better companion, (A) white cavoodle named Toto or (B) black schnoodle named Buddy
Q7. You’re on a night out and a fashionable young lad has caught your eye, is he wearing (A) a button up with a rolled-up sleeve or (B) a navy short sleeve polo with some tan shorts?

If you got mostly As – You're an Albanese

If you got mostly Bs – You're a Morrison

Don't forget to click here for the actual Vote Compass!

As for the explanations for the above:

Q1. Albanese is from Darlinghurst in Sydney, Morrison's from the Shire, Cronulla
Q2. Albanese said on our show he loves the Viennetta whilst Morrison is famously linked to an alleged incident at Engadine Maccas in Sydney
Q3. Albanese supports the Bunnies whilst Morrison is a Sharks supporter
Q4. Albanese is renowned for his DJing ability and Morrison has famously revealed his hobby of playing the ukulele
Q5. Albanese is a Pisces, Morrison is a Taurus
Q6. Albanese's dog is Toto, Morrison's is Buddy
Q7. Albanese was spotted repping a white long sleeve button up on his Women’s Weekly cover whilst Morrison opted for a navy polo shirt with some shorts for his infamous 60 Minutes chat

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20 April 2022

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