Go For The Movie... Stay For Everything Else!

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In association with Event Cinemas

23 October 2018

In association with Event Cinemas

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How do you like the sound of being able to buy tickets, pick your seats & choose your food & drinks before you even enter the front doors of the cinema?

The all new Event Cinemas Coomera is trail blazing the pathway to the cinema of the future. This cinema has been built for us, the customer, to have any of our needs met at the click of our fingers. All the way from the way you buy tickets, to the vastly diverse food & beverage options. There's even chocolatey popcorn for crying out loud! 


We had the chance to visit the all new cinema & we were stunned with the way the cinema has managed to take something as simple as going to see a movie to a venue that you could literally just go & have lunch at. You'll probably still get the urge to see a movie... but that's not the point. It's beautifully designed with an open, easy to navigate floor plan & the actual cinemas are, in our opinion, second to none.


There's no more ticket office! Ticketing has gone completely electronic, meaning you can buy your food, drinks & tickets online & just pick them up on the way into your movie, all you have to do is scan the barcode on your phone. If you're out of data - no stress! There are ticket kiosks on the way in, where you can buy everything that you'll need for the movie & get one printed receipt for the entire purchase. It doesn't stop there, you can also select the seats you want... but more on that later.



This food & beverage range will seriously blow your mind. There's an array of lollies like you have never seen but there's also a whole new spread of fresh & healthy options. Maybe you feel like binging on a snack food while you see your movie without feeling guilty? Well, they have a whole "Fresh" section for you to pick & choose from. The popcorn flavours are next level.. there's Salt & Vinegar, Chocolately, Spicy Nacho & many more. You'll need something to wash down your popcorn though, right? Well they also have slurpee machine's with flavour injections that pour out while you fill up your cup... perhaps blueberry & vanilla will tickle your fancy? Not keen on slurpee's? What about a cold bottle of coconut water or some green tea? They have it all! 


WOW.. The seating... oh the seating. This is one cinema where you are guaranteed comfortable & spacious seating. There's even double day beds at the front of the cinema so you can full sprawl out & enjoy your movie on a HUGE screen, but feel like you're in the comfort of your own home. There's little tables between the seats for you to put your snacks on & even pillows for maximum support. Don't worry, if you're not into the day beds you will still feel like you are balling in the other seating options. There's just so much space in these new cinemas, the seats are so luxurious & comfortable. It's something you have to experience for yourself, but as soon as you walk in you'll know what we're talking about ;)




If you are a fan of gold class (who isn't) you are going to fall in love with the new lounge, food & drink menu & the cinemas. The food & cocktails are unbelievable, especially when you are served them whilst watching the movie you have been waiting months to see. There's share plates, snack food, warm & cold options & fantastic service that all contribute to a great vibe you'll experience before you head into your session.

Can't quite wrap your head around the new cinema experience? Well here's a video for you to check out exactly what we're talking about: 


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LOCATION: Westfield Coomera



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