Terminated Public Servants Will Be Listed On New Register

Code of conduct breaches

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A leaked document has shown a register naming Tasmanian public servants who were terminated for code of conduct breaches will be set up this week.

The register was a recommendation by the Integrity Commission five years ago and will come into effect from July 8 – listing terminated servants since 2017.

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Seen by the Mercury, the documents details procedures for the register which will list public servants terminated, and those who would have been terminated if they had not resigned.

An email from the State Service Management Office Director Jane Hanna said the register will be used to screen applicants for employment in the public service.

“The register will record terminations or terminations that would have occurred but for the employee leaving employment for Code of Conduct breaches determined in accordance with ED5 (Employment Direction number five), which have occurred from 1 July 2017 onwards,” Hanna wrote.

“The register will also enable TSS (Tasmanian State Service) employee records to be used when screening successful applicants prior to appointment, to identify where conduct by an employee in a previous position within the State Service warrants consideration prior to re-employment.

“As noted above, this register addresses recommendations made in the Integrity Commission’s 2017 Report on the management of misconduct in the Tasmanian Public Sector and has been part of discussions during Commission of Inquiry hearings.”

Prior to offer of employments being made, employers must crosscheck the register to see if the successful applicant is listed.

If a match occurs, the matter is to be referred to human resources of the agency for discussion with the State Service Management Office.

The Head of Agency will then determine whether the employment of someone who has been terminated should go ahead.

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6 July 2022

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