Taylor Swift Is About To Make A HUGE Announcement


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Taylor Swift has taken to her Instagram and in an instant made her fans go into a ME!-ltdown. The singer's newest single ME! is rocketing up the charts and while we all wait patiently for news on an album, it seems as though we may not have to wait much longer.

Taylor has revealed to her fans that she will be doing an Instagram live tomorrow at 5pm Eastern Time in the US (which works out to be 7am AEST for us) and that she will be updating us on lots of stuff.

Her actual words were - '...just filling you in on some stuff and things, you know... I hope you're free'.

FREE? We will be putting this in our DIARY!

What could it be? The album name? Release date? Another single? Collab maybe?

We cannot WAIT!

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12 June 2019

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