Tasmanians Scramble For RATs As Daily Cases Almost Double

1489 new infections

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Tasmania continues to hit new state records, reporting 1489 new infections on Friday.

The rise in cases marks the highest single-day tally in Tasmania since the pandemic began, with four-digit daily cases almost doubling the 751 cases reported on Thursday.

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The state's total number of active cases is now 4681, with three people in hospital specifically for Covid, while none are in ICU or on a ventilator.

A further five patients with Covid are in hospital for unrelated conditions.

Most cases are using the state's [email protected] management program, with 350 under observation through the remote service, while 79 confirmed cases are under the state's Community Case Management Facility. 

All cases have occurred since Tasmania opened its border on December 15.

Meantime, Premier Peter Gutwein will hold a press conference on Friday detailing the use rapid antigen tests (RAT) as the state's "primary tool" for diagnosing Covid moving forward.

On Thursday the Premier announced that Tasmanians who test positive to a RAT will be required to register their results and access free testing kits with Public Health, via the hotline on 1800 671 738, or coronavirus website.

“People who already have a positive RAT result in recent days will be able to use this registration mechanism to identify themselves as a case and to obtain assistance,” he said.

“This will ensure you can access assistance from Public Health Services and the [email protected] team during your illness if required."

“Proof of registration of your result will also be used for financial assistance requests and leave applications if you are an employee," Gutwein said.

“Anyone that registers a positive RAT result will receive the same support and care as if you tested positive on a PCR test, but you must register your RAT so that we can identify you and record your case.”

- Premier Gutwein

It follows long queues and lengthy delays at PCR testing clinics around the state.


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7 January 2022

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