News Corp Sells Tasmanian Country Newspaper To Local PR Company

A second life

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The beloved agricultural newspaper, Tasmanian Country, has made a return after News Corp Australia shut it down earlier this year.

A local Tasmanian public relations firm, Font PR, have purchased the iconic rural newspaper and have re-hired all of the former staff and journalists that were employed before its closure.

Font PR Partner, Brad Stanfield, is very optimistic about the future of the newspaper under its new ownership.

“I think that it is going to be an even better paper because it is now going to be 100 percent Tasmanian owned.”

When news about the closure of Tasmanian Country by News Corp was announced, the firm tried to buy the paper but their offer was rejected.

Eventually, Brad Stanfield, and his team were able to negotiate with News Corp and take ownership of the paper which is a fantastic outcome for regional and rural communities around Tasmania.

“If we hadn’t purchased this it would have stayed shut. The paper was shut and those journalists didn’t have jobs and rural Tasmania didn’t have a voice.”

Tasmanian Country will be back in publication in two weeks.

Chelsea Wilde

17 July 2020

Article by:

Chelsea Wilde

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