Tasmanian Businesses Crying Out For New Staff

Tassie is open for business

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Prospective employees searching for work in Hobart would not have to look hard, with the Tasmanian economy opening back up thanks to the state’s status as a Covid-safe destination.

Robert Mallett, from the Small Business Council, said businesses were crying out for staff.

“Small businesses and big businesses alike would love to take on more people for their businesses. [Mainland] Australians have been doing business with us a significant amount since Covid and, as a result, we need more people to help us.”

While the state hadn’t recorded a new Covid case since December 2020 and 37% of the eligible population had received vaccinations, Premier Peter Gutwein was not willing to take any chances.


People attending the Festival of Voices, which started on Wednesday and was scheduled to last through to July 11, were required to wear masks, while check-ins for supermarkets and shops became mandatory.

The restrictions arrived as a preventative measure; an attempt to avoid being subjected to the Delta strain which had over 11 million Australians in lockdown at the end of June.

Tasmanian Businesses Crying Out For New Staff

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2 July 2021

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