Taco & Pizza Sleeping Bag Blankets Exist So You Can Look Like A Snack 24/7

'I'm a legit snack'

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We try to look like a snack every day, dressing our finest for work and our nights out with friends, but when we get home it’s trackpants on, hair a mess, and the ugliest of Uggs. 


But what if there was a way for us to look like a snack even when we’re at home? Even when we’re sleeping?

Well there is… in walks the Taco Sleeping Bag Blanket

You will 10/10 look like a scrumptious snack if you’re snuggled up in this bad boy for winter. 

The Plush Ultra-Soft Fleece blanket is for sale on Amazon from Gilbins, for only $30.

The website description reads: “This fleece-like sleeping bag is ideal for snuggling in to, while the plush crust makes the perfect finishing touch.

“Not just for lounging on the couch, this blanket is also great for sleepovers, parties, gifts, camping, and car trips! The weight and fabric provides enough warmth in the winter, yet is breathable in the summer, for a perfect year-round necessity.”

Don’t want to get dressed to head to the servo? Add some foot holes to the blanket so you can walk around in it. You’re guaranteed to turn heads. 


If being a Taco doesn’t tickle your fancy, you’ve got some other options to choose from. 

Hot Dog 




Ice Cream Cone 


Remember when your parents said you could be anything when you grow up? 

This is your chance.

You can find these cozy blankets by clicking on the hyperlinks above!  


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