Sydney Tradie Immediately Walks Off Job After Finding Out He Won The $50 Million!

"I just walked out from work"

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It’s crazy how often we hear about a multi-million dollar lottery winner who decides to stay in their job.

Finally we have a winner who has reacted the way we’ve always dreamed!

A tradie from Leumeah has finally claimed the $50 million Oz Lotto jackpot after entering an unregistered ticket on Tuesday.

With no way for officials to contact the man, it wasn’t until he heard on the radio that the unidentified winner came from his area that he decided to look up the numbers.

“Oh my god! I don’t believe it! I’m crying and laughing! Oh my god!” he told The Lott through happy tears.

“I just don’t believe it! I’m speechless. I can’t believe this has happened to me.

“I was just at work and heard that the division one prize had not been claimed.

“So I got my ticket and googled the numbers and saw that I had all of the winning numbers.

“I still wasn’t sure I’d won, so I called my daughter and asked her to check the numbers and she said to me ‘oh my god dad, I think you’ve won!’”.

Now this is the best part:

“As soon as she said that I just walked out from work. I didn’t say anything. I was just thinking ‘oh my god’.

“I just can’t believe this. I need to go home, have a sit down and just calm down.

“Gosh I have a good life!”

As for what he intends to do with all the money, the man says he plans on sharing it with his family, going fishing, and never returning to work again.

“This is just so much money,” he admitted.

“I want to help all of my family, my wife’s family and my friends.

“I am definitely not going to work.

“I want to buy a house by the beach and spend all my days fishing and golfing.

“But money is not everything to me. My friends and family mean more to me than money, so I want to use it wisely and I want to share it with them.”

Now THAT’S the reaction we were after!

Congratulations to this mystery man! 

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17 October 2019

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