Sydney Is Getting Its Own Boozy Roller Disco Brunch

Our childhood + booze

Carly Heading

6 May 2019

Carly Heading

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Roller Disco Brunch

Listen fam, let’s be honest.. there is nothing we love more than a boozy brunch.

Well, maybe a themed boozy brunch…

Thankfully for us, Sydney is getting one and one of the best.

A Roller Disco Boozy Brunch... what a DREAM! 

The Roller Disco Brunch will go down in Sydney on Saturday 22 June.

This is an 18+ event because, you know… the booze.

Pop back into the ’80s when bright leotards, sparkles and neon were ‘hot’ along with teased hair and tights. Enjoy rollerskating through the retro life of the ’80s combined with an exquisite dining experience.

So far, the location is yet be announced, but all we know is that leotards, leg warmers and all the neon is encouraged.

There are two time-slots available, 10am until 12pm, and 12pm until 2pm.

Tickets start from $55.

For more info, checkout their website here.

Roller Disco Brunch

When: Saturday 22 June

Where: TBC

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