Swimmers Plunge Back In As Public Pools Reopen Despite COVID Concerns

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Cool relief for all Sydneysiders now able to make a splash with outdoor public pools open from Monday.

Outdoor public pools have been made available to everyone, including unvaccinated swimmers if they are in their LGA or 5km radius from home.

NSW director of health protection Jeremy McAnulty said despite the open invitation, authorities would be strongly encouraging people to be vaccinated, including staff.

“Outdoor pools are outdoor, by the nature of that that’s a much lower risk of transmission of Covid than indoors,”

- Jeremy McAnulty

Some public pools however across the city will miss out on the early opening with renovations or upgrades underway.

NSW Shadow Health Minister Ryan Park said despite the confusing mixed messages, he trusts in the health advice.

"If this what the health experts are saying to the government then we trusted that health advice the entire way through this pandemic and we will continue to do so"

- MP Ryan Park

Safety plans will be set in place with operators enforcing 1.5 metres physical distancing wherever possible and preventing overcrowding.

“Pool patrons will be subject to the existing rules on outdoor recreation and exercise,” A NSW Health spokesperson said.

Other COVID restrictions include exercising with only one other person for swimmers who are unvaccinated, or up to five people for those who have been double-jabbed.

Some pools have also stated that facilities such as change rooms will remain closed.

Meanwhile, Bondi's famous icebergs won't be reopening due to health concerns.

Further freedoms are set be revealed shortly for double-vaccinated residents when the state reaches the 80 per cent target, after NSW reached the 60 per cent milestone of people double-dosed overnight.


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26 September 2021

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