Survivors Wai & Cara Reveal What It's Like To Play Against Controversial King George

Only three survivors remain!

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One of the best shows on Australian TV is one episode away from reaching a dramatic conclusion and we are ALL on the edge of our seats!

The Survivor Australia finale is set to air on Sunday, with Flick, Hayley and George getting ready to fight for the half a million dollar prize. 

Unfortunately, former 'Brains Tribe' members Cara & Wai were the last two eliminated with Wei having her torch snuffed first, followed by Cara.

Tom & Olly invited both women on the show for a chat following their subsequent eliminations to find out whether they enjoyed their Survivor journey. 

Wai reveals whether she knew she was about to be eliminated, how it felt to finally have her torch snuffed and who she thinks will take home the half mill.

While Wai managed to slip through to the top five on a hugely social game, Cara made it to the top four by creating an alliance and playing alongside one of this year's biggest Survivor players, King George of Bankstown. 

Despite having a close relationship and tight alliance with George, in an unexpected turn of events, the Duchess of Double Bay was eliminated from the top four. 

Cara tells Tom & Olly whether she felt betrayed by George after he voted her out, reveals who she thinks Hayley will take to the final two (if she wins the last challenge), whether emotion dictates a jury members final vote and whether she believes she could have beaten George if they'd made it to the final two. 

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Georgie Marr

9 September 2021

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Georgie Marr

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