Stunning Meteor Lights Up Sky In Victoria and South Australia

Did you see it?

22 May 2019

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If you were out late in Victoria or South Australia last night you might have been lucky enough to see a stunning meteor light up the sky. 

The stunning event happened at around 11.12pm in Victoria - there were also unconfirmed sightings in South Australia.

Perry Vlahos, president of the Astronomical Society of Victoria said meteor appeared in the south west last night after 11pm, EST. He said it lasted for about two to three seconds and had a green hue to it, before flaring off with an orange hued dome.


Mr Vlahos said the event was a lucky convergence of factors – clear skies, warm weather and dash cams and security cameras all able to capture the meteor on film for everyone to see. 

“Meteors are common if you keep looking up, in an evening. You’ll see one or two every hour – however not many meteors as bright as this one are rare,” he explained. 

While the light was bright -the meteor was only small – about the size of a large marble.

But if you’re hoping to head out tonight and see the same thing -  he says the meteor was a chance sighting and not part of a known meteor shower:

"You might be disappointed" Mr Vlahos said. 

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