Out Of Gift Ideas? Adopt A Koala For Christmas!

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NSW is facing some of the most catastrophic bushfires our nation has ever seen, with fires now also raging through Queensland. 

According to WWFNSW alone has seen one million hectares burned already, taking with it the trees home to our wildlife including our beautiful koalas. 

Devastatingly, the fires have taken hundreds of NSW koalas lives and injured many more, taking away their homes with it. 

One way we can help is to throw our support behind charities trying their hardest to help prevent what is very much an extinction crisis. 

If you're stuck on an idea for a Christmas present, consider adopting a Koala! Proceeds will go towards continuing the fight for the care and wellbeing of our wildlife, including direct care for bush-fire affected animals. Check out more details at the links below:

WWF: Help Save Koalas
Australian Koala Foundation                                                        Koala Hospital

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12 December 2019

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